Edificio residenziale al Quartiere Gallaratese / ROSSI, Aldo. Milan, Italy. © Nacho Campos 2019


Carlo Aymonino brought Aldo Rossi into the project to design part of the northern extension. By early 1968, the scheme had evolved into the five building complex as it basically exists today. Aymonino was responsible for buildings A1, A2, B, & C, and Rossi designed the fifth building “D” that extends to the north, paralleling building “B”.

Aymonino’s slabs are complex and typologically diverse in the extreme. Rossi’s building, by contrast, is entirely repetitive and white. Referred to by one writer as la lama bianca, it was a reference, according to Rossi, to the galleried ballatoio housing of Milan of the 1920’s. But this elementary structuralist slab makes reference as well, to Rational Architecture of the 20’s and 30’s, and to the post war popular housing built near the Gallaratese in the INA Casa complex along Via Harrar between 1953 and 1955. Almost 200 meters long, this block contains two and three floors of gallery-access flats raised on a high base containing a public arcade.