The Basel visitor information center will highlight the city’s unique cultural, artistic, and environmental characteristics making the building a landmark for the city and its people.

The surrounding environment was of utmost importance in the decisions that we took for this project. The Theaterpassage and the exterior main entrance by the stairs were potential circulation patterns that had to be preserved and improved. The intervention site has beautiful views to the cathedral and its ascendant journey, so we designed our building underground in order to keep the cathedral in sight from both streets.

The system works as a virtual ramp, “sewing up” the existing cultural attractions and shops in an interactive way. This virtual ramp takes the user to an underground space with an auditorium, and a reception desk. An LED floor shows live information from the social networks, creating a place where people get informed and entertained by other people in a real-time experience.

The public area plays a significant role in the proposal. As the whole space is open and fully accesible, it will become a meeting point for everyone, both tourists and residents alike.